Thursday, August 29

Sunday, September 1

Friday, August 30

5:45 PM

6:45 PM

Soup Potluck

Contact Gemma Livingstone for details (661) 378-5556

Speaker: Kevin Kazemi

Saturday, August 31

8:30 AM

10:15 AM

12:15 PM

1:00 PM

3:00 PM

5:00 PM

6:30 PM

Breakfast at Campsites

Speaker: Sophea Sem

Lunch - Provided by Open Door

Open Mic

Contact Ida Aaron for more details (503) 388-6348

English Country Dancing (ages 11+)

Dinner at Campsites - invite people to join you :)


Speaker: Kevin Kezemi ​

Breakfast - Provided by Brownsville Church


Speaker: Sophea Sem

Baptisms by the river

Lunch - Provided by The Hive Communities

Final Worship

Take down the tent - all hands on deck!

Thanks for your help!


Some meals have been provided by various churches. The remaining meals are the responsibility of the campers. The meal schedule may be updated periodically. Stay alert.

8:30 AM

10:15 AM

12:15 PM

1:00 PM

3:30 PM

4:30 PM

4:30 PM

Tent Set-up

Contact Peet Nichols for details (503) 309-5488

Worship night and games hosted that evening by the youth group!


**Camping is not free Thursday, pay $10/tent to the camp host if you come earlier than Friday

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