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Directions to the Festival

The Festival Of Tents is held each year at the Pioneer Park in Brownsville, OR.


SOUTHBOUND from Portland/Vancouver/Salem or NORTHBOUND from Eugene/Springfield:
  • Travel on Interstate 5 (I-5) to the Brownsville-Halsey/Hwy 228 Exit (Exit 216).


  • If traveling Southbound, turn left onto Hwy 228 and cross over I-5. If traveling Northbound, turn right.


  • Travel East on Hwy 228 for four miles.


  • Turn left on Main St. and travel North .45 miles.


  • Turn left on Park St. (just past old Fire Station), and go over the hill. Follow the signs for parking, campsites, and other info.


The Festival of Tents provides a unique opportunity to "camp in community", sharing meals together and fellowshipping with one another. No registration will be required. Donations will be solicited to help contribute toward camping fees.

  • Although many people will show up on Thursday, the event begins with the Tent set up on Friday morning - feel free to join in the fun!!  Donuts and coffee will be provided. After that, the day is free as people show up at various times. The first meeting will take place that evening, after that, there will be two meetings every day.  See the schedule for more details on meeting times and meals.

  • Festival of Tents will cover the camping fees for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but if you arrive earlier, you are expected to cover Thursday.


Event Highlights

Brownsville's Pioneer Park is a beautiful 26-acre park, bordered on two sides by the Calapooia River. There are ball fields, horseshoe pits, and summer swimming holes, along with updated amenities that make it popular with residents and a favorite destination for many in the surrounding area.


Find out more about the area by visiting Brownsville's website.

Keep on top of all the events during the festival. Check out this year's schedule.

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